Phrozen ABS-like Gray Resin 1Kg

Phrozen ABS-like Gray Resin 1Kg

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Phrozen Standard Gray 3D Printing Resin – Now in New Zealand!

Phrozen ABS Like Resin is designed to suit most SLA style LCD UV 3D Printers.
The best SLA resin at the best price in New Zealand!
Low Viscosity & Low Odour make it very easy to 3d print with these resins.
ABS like feel making it more flexible & not brittle.

This Phrozen Resin is optimised for all popular 405nm LCD 3d printers including Phrozen 3D Printers, Anycubic, Wanhao, Creality, Elegoo, Longer etc

Cure time as low as 2.5 seconds per layer on Phrozen’s own Sonic 4K XL ultra fast 3d printer at 50µm
Please check out our new Phrozen Sonic XL 4K for more details on this cutting edge 3d printer.

Weight: 1 Kg bottle
In stock right here in Auckland & ready to ship.

In stock


Spec & Properties

  • Volume: 500g per bottle
  • XY Planar Resolution: 0.050 mm
  • Z Resolution (Layer Height): 30-100um
  • Property:  High hardness and toughnesstoughness, and resolution. Its light color is suitable for post process, like painting.
  • Way to Rinse:Clean with alcohol spray with air gun
  • Suitable for: Phrozen 3D Printer Series
  • Application: General modeling & Industrial prototype proofing

Key Performance:

    • Viscosity: 77 cps
    • Proportion: 1.1
    • Tg: 70 °C
    • Elongation: 2 %
    • Break value: 12 MPa
    • Surface hardness: Shore 79D
    • I-Zod Impact: 2.32 KJ/m2

Please shake for at least 60 seconds before use.

How to Rinse parts: Clean with IPA or methyl spirit. You can then air dry parts if needed.

Post curing under UV lamp is not always necessary, unless you printed with lower cure times.
If parts are densely supported, it may be better to 3d print with lower cure time for easy support removal.
In that case, post curing under UV may be beneficial, around 20mins is often a good start.
Please note that post UV curing may discolour the white part slightly.
If you over cure parts at any stage, they may become more brittle.

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Weight 1 kg